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New Volkswagen Sedan Lineup

Volkswagen sedans can do it all. They have the power, precision, and pristine style of a beautiful car that you can depend on daily. These suave vehicles are a perfect fit for both the solo driver who wants to be in the spotlight and the family that’s constantly chasing fun. Read through our guide to learn about these great sedan options for drivers who crave a complete car. Then, come by Jim Ellis Volkswagen of Chamblee to test-drive your favorite new Volkswagen sedan model.

2024 Volkswagen Jetta: The famous Volkswagen Jetta is a Volkswagen compact sedan model that sets the stage impeccably as only a fantastic compact car can. It has an available multicolor lighting system that uses an array of colors to communicate new calls, texts, and alerts. Available dark leather options allow that light to shine its brightest and give your cabin a cool, DJ-booth feel. The multiple screens located up front in the center of your car let you control everything in your car with the tip of your finger. It’s that easy.

2024 Volkswagen Jetta GLI: A 2.0-liter turbocharged engine with 228 horsepower makes this Volkswagen Jetta model roar to life with the power of a lion’s full-throated yawn. It’s everything you love about the boisterous and unbound base model but with a little more giddyup. If you want a sedan that feels like a hair-raising sports car and also has the acceleration to back it up, slide on over to your local VW dealer before the other stir-crazy speed demons in your neighborhood get there first. The race is officially on.

2022 Volkswagen Passat: The Volkswagen Passat was, sadly, discontinued and removed from the lineup – its 2022 model was the final iteration. However, pre-owned versions of this Volkswagen midsize sedan still stand as roomy vehicles crafted with passenger pleasure as a priority. You and your loved ones will understand after the first time you sit back and relax inside a cabin built for peace of mind. Full control of your mobile comfort comes standard via strong and supple materials that clothe the cabin, ample legroom and headroom throughout, and plenty of technology. Find a pre-owned Passat today for an enhanced used sedan experience.

2023 Volkswagen Arteon: Finishing out our selection of new Volkswagen sedan models is the premium Arteon. As soon as you step into this sculpture of an automobile, you’ll feel an artist’s touch all over. The exterior of this Volkswagen full-size sedan features leading lines throughout, and the grille will capture your eye as soon as you meet face to face. It’s not tough to find the “art” behind the Arteon, and you’ll treasure cruising around town in a sweet sedan that somehow drives even better than it looks. It’s hard to believe, we know.

Our List of Volkswagen Sedans

Four VW sedan models outshine their competition both as a squad and as individual vivacious vehicles. These VW sedans show a glimpse into the future of top-tier travel while leaning on a lineage of powerful standouts. Ask your local VW dealer about any of these daily drivers and they’ll be able to show you their favorite features of each car. For now, here are the sedan models currently available from the Volkswagen brand.

  • 2024 Volkswagen Jetta: Open the door to a world of sedans geared toward greatness for a great price.
  • 2024 Volkswagen Jetta GLI: Capture the VW Jetta with a big boost of power and thorough performance upgrades.
  • 2023 Volkswagen Arteon: Put this masterpiece in your garage and revel in a full-size sedan loaded with premium features.

Don’t forget that you can still find high-quality VW Passat sedans from recent model years on the pre-owned market – step into this pedestal-worthy example of Volkswagen four-door sedans when you browse our used vehicle inventory.

As you can see, there is no shortage of options from which to choose when it comes to Volkswagen sedans. These four fantastic compact cars are perfect canvases for you and your loved ones to create great times with for countless years to come.

Exploring VW Sedan Sizes

Not all sedans are the same. If you’re looking for a lineup of cookie-cutter cars, you’re in the wrong place. Aside from sharing a couple of core elements like style, comfort, and safety, Volkswagen sedans separate themselves individually through their dimensions, among other things. After all, a car is only as valuable as the people you can bring inside it and the good times you can plot, plan, and eventually make come to life. Learn more about how many travel bags and travel companions you can include on your next mad dash from the daily slog.

As you’ll notice, the two Jetta models have pretty much identical measurements, as the increased power under the hood of the Volkswagen Jetta GLI doesn’t force it to sacrifice room for passengers or their belongings. Think of the Jetta GLI as a souped-up hot rod form of the “normal” Jetta.

The two models to really compare and contrast are the Volkswagen Passat and Volkswagen Arteon. Consider the passenger volume and cargo volume between the Arteon, a Volkswagen full-size sedan, and the Passat, a Volkswagen midsize sedan, when thinking about whether you want more room to move or space for suitcases, golf clubs, blankets, beach towels, and the like.

Jetta Jetta GLI Passat Arteon
Cargo Capacity (Trunk): 14.1 cu. ft. 14.1 cu. ft. 15.9 cu. ft. 27.2 cu. ft.
Passenger Volume: 94.7 cu ft 94.7 cu ft 102.2 cu ft 96.5 cu ft
Front Headroom: 38.5 in 38.5 in 37.4 in 37.7 in
Front Legroom: 41.1 in 41.1 in 42.4 in 41.2 in
Rear Headroom: 37.2 in 37.2 in 37.8 in 37 in
Rear Legroom: 37.4 in 37.4 in 39.1 in 40.2 in

Hatchback vs. Sedan

VW hatchback models have their own designation and are not a part of the sedan lineup. If you’re looking for more all-terrain capabilities or have driving demands that span far and wide, consider adding a hatchback model to your menu of prospective new car options. The Volkswagen Golf GTI is for those who crave a very capable compact car, while the Golf R is a thriller that stands on top of the models among our VW lease deals for performance.

Hatchbacks tend to have boxier silhouettes than lengthier sedans, and sedans often provide trunk space that is slightly less than most hatchback models. When you think of a classic car that everyday Americans drive, a sedan is what you’re probably picturing. Hatchbacks are an alteration of that classic composition, offering a more dense design that has a larger, SUV-like cargo space. Sedans, however, offer a lower-slung ride and can have more rear-seat legroom in exchange.

Why Sedans Work

VW sedans are an outstanding choice for drivers who want to get the most out of their new cars. They deliver on all of the fronts what you expect from a car that will prove useful all the time. Sedans can fit into that last street parking spot by the fire hydrant that SUVs and trucks wouldn’t dream of, often have excellent fuel efficiency statistics, and run like clockwork. They may not haul your boat to the lake or prove too noteworthy on the construction site, but these cars can definitely conquer a to-do list.

Need a car that presents you properly when you pull up at the workplace but can also be a carpool-worthy member of the pickup line? Volkswagen sedans have you covered. These cars are excellent picks for those who need a car durable enough for weekend fun but also one that you won’t have to worry about having to maintain too frequently in the midst of your schedule.

However, should you need to get some work done on your sedan, the makeover may take less time and be easier to complete than with a souped-up truck or sports car. Volkswagen sedan models are easy to find parts for, and technicians are familiar with the numerous Volkswagen cars that have come in the years past. If you roll in with a VW sedan that needs a checkup, they’ll have everything on hand to get your car on the mend and back to 100% in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions About VW Sedans

If you’re still intrigued, we can’t blame you. Here are some questions we hear from eager drivers who are determined to figure out if purchasing or leasing a Volkswagen sedan is the next move they want to make.

Which VW cars are midsize sedans?

Although it was recently discontinued, the VW Passat was the brand’s midsize sedan. The Volkswagen Jetta and Volkswagen Jetta GLI are the smaller compact cars in the lineup of Volkswagen sedan models. While larger than the VW hatchback models, the VW Jetta sedan is smaller than the Volkswagen Passat. For a full-size VW sedan for sale, check out the new VW Arteon.

Which Volkswagen cars are full-size sedans?

Volkswagen full-size sedan models have more room for passengers to stretch their arms and legs during long road trips. The new VW Arteon leads the way as the only full-size example among the attractive new Volkswagen sedans. The VW Arteon can fit up to 56.2 cubic feet of cargo, dwarfing all other VW models and several competitors for cargo space.

Which VW sedan has the highest cargo capacity?

Pile it all inside the VW Arteon. This VW sedan model has the largest cargo capacity, enabling you to fit in all kinds of gear in the back. Explore the model and find up to 56.2 cubic feet of cargo capacity behind the front seats. Don’t get stuck having to leave your favorite things at home or have your trip’s itinerary limited by your car’s cramped quarters.

Which Volkswagen sedan has the most power?

The VW Arteon and VW Jetta GLI are the most powerful members of this sleek sedan family. These VW sedan models make 300 and 228 horsepower, respectively. They are a high-performance duo that offers drivers more fun and function when they hit the road. For the engaging thrills of three-pedal driving, the Jetta GLI is one of the few remaining new sedans to offer a manual transmission.

Which Volkswagen sedans have AWD?

The VW Arteon has standard 4MOTION all-wheel drive to make the best use of its thrilling 300-horsepower performance punch. The other Volkswagen sedans, the Jetta, Jetta GLI, and now-discontinued Passat, are all only available with a front-wheel drive drivetrain. Ask your local VW vehicle expert about drivetrain options on the Volkswagen sedans in stock at the dealership closest to you.

Which sedan has the most luxury features?

The Volkswagen Arteon is the most premium sedan with the most luxury features in the brand’s new sedan lineup. It has top-of-the-line comfort, safety, and infotainment technologies littered throughout the cabin, including available massaging front seats and more. You’ll feel at one with your car as intuitive media displays and sumptuous upholstery lock your cockpit in for a first-class ride.

Size Class # of seats: EPA-Estimated MPG (City/Highway): Horsepower:
Jetta Compact 5 30/411 158
Jetta GLI Compact 5 24/351 228
Passat Midsize 5 24/361 174
Arteon Full-Size 5 25/331 300

Find Your Next VW Sedan Today

If you want to get behind the wheel of a Volkswagen sedan but aren’t sure how to begin, reach out to your local VW dealer and get the ball rolling with one of our ultra-knowledgeable Volkswagen car experts. They’ll answer all of your questions about how local customers, just like you, are able to take home the sedan of their dreams. They know everything about our purchase process, new vehicle warranties, and much more. Be sure to ask about our current VW lease deals when you arrive.

If you have a particular question related to financial details, our team is more than happy to explain our VW finance programs. It’s our pleasure to make sure you have all the information you need before you take the next step toward getting your own amazing Volkswagen sedan.

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