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Volkswagen Care is an excellent way to give you peace of mind on any journey ahead. This is a prepaid plan that helps you pay for maintenance and service on your Volkswagen vehicle. The great news is that any new Volkswagen vehicle you buy from us in Atlanta automatically comes with the VW Care maintenance plan. That's right. Any new Volkswagen purchase comes with the 10,000-mile and 20,000-mile Volkswagen Care maintenance plan included. Thanks, Volkswagen! If you would like to upgrade your VW prepaid maintenance plan, you can pay for services up to 80,000 miles! Get ahead of the game and keep yourself and your vehicle safe by choosing Volkswagen Care.

The Three Types of Volkswagen Care

There are many options for you when it comes to Volkswagen Care. The first option is the Volkswagen Maintenance Plan that already comes with new Volkswagen vehicles: Volkswagen Carefree Maintenance. If you would like to upgrade that coverage, you can get Volkswagen Care. There are several prepaid plans that provide coverage on manufacturer-recommended service intervals all the way until 80,000 miles.

Each plan is titled with the service interval in mind. In other words, Volkswagen Care 40 is the program for your 40,000-mile maintenance. You can purchase:

  • Volkswagen Care 40: 40,000-mile
  • Volkswagen Care 50: 50,000-mile
  • Volkswagen Care 60: 60,000-mile
  • Volkswagen Care 70: 70,000-mile
  • Volkswagen Care 80: 80,000-mile

Keep in mind that you can only purchase Volkswagen Care from an authorized Volkswagen dealership like ours in Georgia. You can buy it at the time of purchase on any time before your first maintenance interval.

The Benefits of Volkswagen Care

Sticking to maintenance intervals is one of the easiest ways you can ensure your vehicle's longevity. By thinking ahead on these intervals, you will likely be saving money and helping yourself and your wallet in the long run. Every 10,000 miles, your vehicle needs certain checks, replacements, and diagnostics. Without those, you run the risk of driving with worn-out equipment on your vehicle. If you have any questions about what your intervals are or when you need to come in based on your vehicle, year, and trim, please feel free to contact us! Our service specialists can answer any of your questions.

Our customers are glad they chose Volkswagen Care, and here's why:

  • Volkswagen Care sets you up with factory-certified technicians. That means when you get your vehicle serviced, your car is being handled by mechanics who know all of the ins and outs of Volkswagen vehicles. You will always get genuine OEM parts to make you feel confident about your repairs.

  • This program comes with roadside assistance. If you need help with a battery, towing, flat tire, or anything else, you can get this help at no charge if you have a VW prepaid maintenance plan.

  • The program is cost efficient. The monthly payments for Volkswagen Care are incredibly affordable and help you plan ahead financially. You will know your monthly payment for maintenance each month and won't get struck by any surprise fees or bills if you have to go for service. Additionally, these rates are locked against inflation. So, even if the price of labor and parts goes up, you still pay your fixed rate.

  • Volkswagen Care will help with resale value in the long run. Cars that receive regularly scheduled maintenance are far more likely to be purchased than cars that haven't been serviced. By using this program, future buyers will likely pay more and chomp at the bit should you choose to sell.

  • More than anything, this program gives you peace of mind. We always recommend that you drive cautiously, but sometimes issues or dangers arise that are out of your control. Flat tires, accidents, cracked windshields, and many other things can happen at no fault of your own. Be protected when those things happen.

Frequently Asked Questions About Volkswagen Care

Using your hard-earned money is always an important decision. We want you to feel confident with your prepaid maintenance plan. If you have any additional questions, please call us.

When do I go for scheduled maintenance?

You should take your vehicle for maintenance no more or less than 1,000 miles of an interval (see owner's manual for set maintenance intervals) or one year from the last date of service. Our service team can help you set this up.

Can I take my car to any service shop?

No. In order to receive the benefits, you must bring your car to a certified Volkswagen dealership. You will not be reimbursed if you take your car to another repair center. Our factory-trained technicians have the correct parts for your vehicle and will provide you with the best care.

Care for Your Car With Volkswagen Care

This program is here to make car ownership easy. We all think that hiccups and damage won't happen to us until it does. If that unfortunate event does happen, it is best that you are prepared. Call our dealership to learn more about this prepaid program.

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