Volkswagen ID.4 SUVs For Sale In Atlanta

It's electric. It's an SUV. It's fast. It's fast-charging. It's strong. But above all, the Volkswagen ID.4 for sale is an electric car experience completely catered to you. Sink into a cabin featuring custom colored ambient lighting, adjustable seats that move as you want them to, and an excellent navigation and infotainment system seamlessly integrated into a ten-inch infotainment screen. As soon as you sit down inside a cabin that clearly feels yours, you'll know that this SUV is meant for smooth riding.

And once you start it up... oh boy. The SUV game has changed and it's not returning to the ancient days of guzzling gas any time soon. Get your hands on the Volkswagen ID.4 for sale before they're all gone through our dealership in Atlanta, GA. The First Edition of the Volkswagen ID.4 for sale has already sold out, so don't sleep on the highly coveted models remaining.

Pure Electric Power At Its Finest

Peering into the depths behind the battery power of the Volkswagen ID.4 for sale is like poking your head into a time-traveling portal. The future is at your fingertips every time you turn on the 77 kWh battery pack and ride out the full range of up to 250 miles1 between charges. The battery is ideal for home charging stations and fast-charging road stops alike, as it can connect to 110 or 240-volt power sources and a widespread network of DC fast-charging stations.

Those DC public-charging stations will come in handy as you make your way through a full day of tasks and responsibilities. Fortunately for you, 2021 ID.4 SUVs for sale come with three years of unlimited charges at Electrify America DC Fast Chargers. This comes at no additional cost to the driver.2 Electrify America chargers can be found along a large number of major highways throughout the United States, stretching from the tips of Northern Washington and Maine to the southernmost coastal beaches of San Diego and South Florida.

When you pull up at a public DC fast charger, your Volkswagen ID.4 for sale is capable of charging at the following rates, depending on conditions:

60 miles in about 10 minutes3 or a 5% to 80% charge in about 38 minutes4. So take a second, sip your coffee or tea, and your car will be powered back to its highest capability in the same amount of time it takes to do a load of laundry and at a useful percentage in mere minutes.

But it's not just how much electric power can be stored in your car at once. A great electric-powered vehicle is also measured by what it can do with the power it has. Instant torque provides the pep you're familiar with when pressing down on the pedal but without the roaring revving of the engine you're probably accustomed to. Available all-wheel-drive distributes power throughout the vehicle in a well-balanced manner, meaning maneuvering through rough road conditions and staying in your lane when windy lanes present a curvy challenge is easier than ever before. The battery-powered engine produces 201 hp, 229 lb-ft. of torque and can tow up to 2200 lbs when properly equipped.

Smart Features For An Intelligent Car

As driving experiences evolve and re-emerge with cutting-edge features and abilities, autonomous or semi-autonomous safety features that use the best of modern technology to keep drivers and passengers safe have made a massive splash in the current and future crop of automobiles coming off of factory lines. The IQ.Drive system inside the Volkswagen ID.4 for sale is there when you need it most and also helps out your driving as you make your way through your day. As part of a standard suite of safety technology that leaves no stone unturned, this extra set of eyes and ears represents a leap forward for in-cabin technology with precision and purpose that truly is aimed towards being a useful resource for enhancing and retaining the driver's focus.

Rear traffic alert will let you know if now's not the perfect time to back out in a crowded lot. We've all been there, craning your neck back as you try to tie the evening up with a bow after four raucous quarters of energetic entertainment. The Volkswagen ID.4 for sale won't make a crowded parking lot clear out as fast as we'd all like, but it will help brake the car5 if someone zooms past as you cautiously slide backwards.

Blind spot monitoring through the Active Side Assist helps you identify and avoid traffic in your blind spot and make sure the coast is completely clear before executing a lane change.5 Of course, drivers should still practice classic blindspot monitoring while driving, but this feature is a welcome addition and something you'll use all the time.

Adaptive Cruise Control is a game-changer for long road trips down rural roads that seemingly have no end. The available cruise control feature maintains a specific driver-set speed and distance behind the car in front of you. Sensors will adjust to changes in traffic as you remain in good driving posture and position, ready to capture all the glory that lies in scenes yet to be seen.

The VW ID.4 in Atlanta

If you're looking to shake it up and never look back, this hard-charging SUV that brings plenty to the table without a heavy carbon footprint will absolutely do the trick. Fly toward untold future adventure in a car meant to bridge the gap between now and what's to come.

Our vehicle experts in Atlanta know each and every detail about the Volkswagen ID.4 for sale and can't wait to share them all with you. They'll explore various options with you, such as ID.4 lease deals, and walk you through our hassle-free process geared towards sending you home in the car you covet. Come visit us today and get the party started on an electric SUV that will charge you up every time you take your new showstopper out for a spin.