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Car lease returns don't have to be complicated. Our team is here to make lease returns in Atlanta simple, hassle-free, and efficient. At Jim Ellis Volkswagen of Chamblee, you don't even need an appointment for your Volkswagen lease return. You can show up at our authorized dealership, and we will likely have you in and out in under 20 minutes! So if it is time for your lease turn in, just drive your Volkswagen vehicle to our dealership in Atlanta. We know you will be sad to say goodbye, but it just means you can get into a brand-new Volkswagen lease afterward! Read on to learn more about car lease returns.

Get a $500 Check With Your 1-2-3 Volkswagen Lease Return

After your lease ends, the benefits keep coming if your lease was through Volkswagen Credit. Bring your vehicle to us at Jim Ellis Volkswagen of Chamblee, and we will hand you a $500 check upon returning the model. There's no fine print and no specific eligibility requirements; we want to treat our loyal customers to some extra cash.

Now that you've brought back your leased vehicle and you have a check in your pocket, a decision lies ahead of you in Atlanta, GA. You have your choice of the options below. It's as simple as 1-2-3:

  • Option 1: Upgrade to a New Model - Return your previous car and put yourself in one of our available new VW models for lease. Continue driving around town with the cutting-edge features and adventure-driven performance of a new Volkswagen model.

  • Option 2: Complete Your Return - Maybe leasing wasn't for you, or maybe you've had a change of circumstances and want something different. We understand that life happens, and our team will work with you to make your return as easy as possible.

  • Option 3: Buy Your Leased Model - If you've fallen in love with your lease in Fulton County, there's no reason to let it go. You can pursue financing options to purchase your leased model, and our financial experts are here to help.

Drive away with a $500 check in hand and have your lease return handled quickly and efficiently when you visit us at Jim Ellis Volkswagen of Chamblee.

The Lease Return Process

About 90 days before the end of your leasing contract, the dealership you leased your vehicle from will contact you to let you know that your lease is ending soon. From there, you will set up an appointment for an inspection. The inspection is to look for any excessive damage that would need to be repaired and paid for before the car is returned. If that occurs, you will have time to get the fixes done ahead of time or our service center can perform them for you. If your Volkswagen vehicle just has normal wear and tear, you will get a stamp of approval on your inspection.

The inspection is free, and a friendly associate will come to your house to check out your vehicle. They will look at your bumpers, wheels, tires, and interior to see the condition of your car. What are things you may need to fix? Think large dents, excessively-worn tires, tears in the upholstery, cracks on the windshield, etc. Some dents and dings don't require a repair. Typically, the inspector will print out a report to let you know the cost of any repairs and how to proceed. With at least 90 days of notice, this gives you plenty of time should you need to get any service done. You must get any necessary repairs done before you bring your Volkswagen in for your final return.

From there, you pick your dealership to return to! As an authorized dealership for car lease returns in Atlanta, we hope you will choose us (especially if we are the dealership you got the car from initially)!

One of the most important things to remember when returning your vehicle to us after your inspection is to bring everything that came with the car. Forgetting things like the spare key, cargo covers, spare tires, owner's manual, etc., can result in a fine. If you aren't sure what needs to be brought to your Volkswagen lease return, feel free to give us a call!

Once you come in for your final inspection, we will make sure all necessary repairs were performed, ensure all accessories are in the vehicle, and check your mileage. Your yearly mileage allowance (usually a number between 10,000 and 15,000) is set at the beginning of your lease. If you go over your miles without paying for additional miles upfront, you will be charged per extra mile, so make sure you keep to your contract! You'll be sent a bill for all the turn-in fees (standard for any lease to pay for things like reconditioning) and be on your merry way!

Your End of Lease Options

Car lease returns don't necessarily always end in a car being returned. When your lease contract is up, you do have options. Typically, you return the car and get a new lease, but there are other choices.

  • Return your car and get a new one: This is the most common choice. We can even have your next Volkswagen vehicle ready to go for you when you get to our dealership so that you can do an easy swap! Additionally, if you lease your next Volkswagen with us immediately, you will likely get some charges waived or a discount for choosing Volkswagen again!

  • Extend your lease: If you still love your current vehicle or you want to wait for a new model coming out in a couple of months, you can ask for a lease extension. Our representatives at Volkswagen Credit can help you easily extend your lease, reach out to the VW Credit team at (800) 428-9227.

  • Purchase your car: Usually, most lease contracts have a buyout clause built into them. The biggest benefit is that you won't have to pay the dealership if you have excess miles or damage if you buy your car. However, financially, we often recommend you get a new lease. Whatever you decide to do, our team will be here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions About Car Lease Returns

Can you return a leased car early?

Yes. You can. However, if you return your car too early, it usually comes with fees since you are technically breaking a contract. You will have a termination fee and have to pay the vehicle's residual value based on depreciation and interest. There are easier ways, though. Sometimes a dealership will be willing to take your car back early if you trade it in for another vehicle. You can also purchase your leased vehicle early and sell it to another buyer. Lastly, you can try to find someone to transfer your lease over to.

What happens when you return a leased car?

Essentially, the process is what we outlined above. You will have a pre-inspection about 90 days before to let you know if there is any excessive damage that needs to be repaired before you return your car. Once you do your free pre-inspection and resolve any damage, you simply bring your car to an authorized dealership. If wear and tear is settled, mileage looks good, and you have all of the accessories that came with the vehicle, the process should be incredibly quick. However, if you are missing things or went over on miles, you will have to stick around to resolve those things.

Can I return my lease from another Volkswagen dealer?

Absolutely. Although it is recommended to go to the dealership that you originally got it from, you can go to any authorized Volkswagen dealership - like us! Sometimes a dealership closes, you have moved, or something else is just more convenient at the time of your trade-in. Just give the dealership closest to you a call and see if they can assist you.

Car Lease Returns Made Easy

Our goal is to make car lease returns simple and easy. If you have any questions about the process or what to expect, feel free to give us a call. Once you settle your return, we will also be here to help you figure out which Volkswagen vehicle is best for your next car! We are here to make this a hassle-free experience. Feel free to stop by today. You don't even need an appointment!

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