Volkswagen College Grad / Student Discount Program

Volkswagen College Grad Bonus Program*
$500 bonus**
on a new Volkswagen when you purchase or lease through Volkswagen credit.

You may be eligible for up to two years after graduation.
Proof of employment and other eligibility requirements apply.

Find Out If You Qualify

Graduating college is an amazing time in someone's life, and we think that special time should extend far past walking across the stage. Make your daily drives toward a bright future filled with great times and successes alike feel just like that magical moment when your cap and your friends' caps fill the sky through the Volkswagen (VW) Grad Program. It's our graduation present for your hard work, dedication, and all-encompassing commitment to bettering yourself and fortifying a future filled with lofty professional heights.

At Jim Ellis VW Atlanta, we're proud to provide discounts for recently graduated students, students set to graduate soon, and some of the amazing heroes we're so lucky to have at the ready at all times in our community. Learn more about the ins and outs of our various finance programs online, or ask one of our showroom staff members if you or your grad are eligible for our VW Grad Program.

We offer discounts for students in particular because we want to support the growth of young people as they ascend to amazing roles within our world and spur on the greater good towards reaching more of our collective potential. When a young person commits themselves to gaining knowledge and impacting our world, that's truly the best of what we ask from the minds that will shape our future. Such commitment should be commended, nurtured, applauded, and commended publicly so that an outstanding example is set for the next generation of young scholars. By making it a little bit easier for young minds to take on the professional world in front of them, we tip our cap collectively as a company to the tremendous minds bursting onto the scene today. We know that tomorrow's working world is going to love the marks you make.

Eligibility for the VW Grad Program

Eligibility for the Volkswagen college grad program is determined by a couple of key components.1 To be eligible for the graduated Volkswagen student discount, you must be a recent graduate or set to graduate soon. You must be a United States citizen or permanent resident that is either employed currently or set to be employed in the near future. More details are available in our Frequently Asked Questions section.

Frequently Asked Questions About the VW College Graduate Program

It's always fun for our staff members to meet new graduates looking for their first car after taking such a special step in their lives. After a well-earned congratulations, they'll take every new grad through a breakdown of our VW graduate discount and all that it entails. Once everyone is up to speed on the benefits available, the fun part begins and a lot full of cars to browse through awaits.

As new graduates make their way towards the rows of next car candidates, they often have some questions like these that we're more than ready to answer:

How much are graduates eligible to receive?

Graduates that fit the criteria for the VW Grad Program are eligible for up to a $500 bonus2 on a new Volkswagen vehicle when they purchase or lease through Volkswagen credit. A member of our financial services team will go through the bonus in great detail when determining your eligibility. Remember, you or your recent graduate may be eligible for the VW Grad Program for up to two years after walking across the stage. Proof of employment and other eligibility requirements do apply, as those without employment or without an agreement for immediate future employment are not eligible as such.

Can you use the VW college grad bonus for a new vehicle purchase or lease?

Both lease agreements and purchases are eligible transactions for the VW Grad Program discount. Those fresh out of college often have a first few years filled with all sorts of adjustments and on-the-fly learning by the seat of their pants. Our lineup of lease specials is especially great for those that may not want to make a major commitment to a car while so many responsibilities and early-career challenges are up in the air. That's why we made sure to include lease deals in our VW Grad Program, a program meant to benefit students that have evolved and now emerged as young professionals.

What do college students and college graduates need in order to qualify?

To qualify for the VW Grad Program, you must have graduated within the last 24 months or have a graduation date in the next six months from an accredited college or university in the United States or Canada. You must be a United States citizen or permanent resident of the United States, and you need to have a full-time (permanent) job or written commitment to full-time employment from your future employer.

If You're a New Graduate in Atlanta, Georgia…

There's only one place to come for a car after you've received your diploma. Our staff loves sending new grads off in a car that they know will fuel them forward. Come walk across our stage and receive a car that will carry you comfortably and keep you safe wherever the professional world takes you.

College Graduate Discount VW - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)