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Volkswagen Battery Replacement Service in Atlanta, GA

Battery Service

If your car battery is beginning to show signs of wear, schedule an appointment for a Volkswagen battery replacement as soon as possible. Our team of certified technicians will thoroughly review your vehicle and get to the source of the problem. It’s important that you bring your car in for review if you see any signs of waning power. Once we’ve determined what’s wrong, our experts will direct you to the appropriate solution.

Our Guide to VW Battery Replacement

The first step in our Volkswagen battery service is determining the source of your car’s power loss. If your vehicle doesn’t start up as normal, your alternator may be the problem. Even if you have a fresh battery, a broken alternator won’t allow your car to retain power.

If your alternator is fine, we’ll review your Volkswagen battery warranty and your battery’s condition. We carry official Volkswagen parts and will set you up for success under the hood inside our VW service center.

Common Battery Issues and Problems

Here are some signs you should get a VW battery inspection:

  • Corrosion of battery terminals or connecting cables
  • Putrid and rotten smell under the hood from a battery acid leak
  • The battery is beyond its expiration date, which is often five years or so after purchase
  • Repeated clicking sounds during the start-up sequence
  • Dimly lit dashboard or problems with lights
  • The alternator warning light is illuminated

Our certified technicians take care of VW battery installation and more for drivers in Atlanta, GA. Learn how you can save on car care at our all-encompassing dealership through service specials today. We’ll show you how important it is to check in on your car’s condition as the miles pile up.

FAQ About Volkswagen Battery Replacement

Did you know that you can schedule service quickly and easily at Jim Ellis Volkswagen of Chamblee? Use our online appointment tool or reach out to our showroom at a time of your convenience. We’ll find an ideal time in your day to solve any car problems you have, including providing oil changes, tire rotations, wiper blade replacement, dent repair, and more.

If you have any questions about our process for Volkswagen battery replacement, our team is here to help. Give our showroom a quick call for all the answers you need. In the meantime, check out a couple of common questions we often receive about car battery care.

How long do Volkswagen batteries last?

How long your battery will run without causing you any problems will range according to several factors, including the environment it is kept in, your driving habits, and more. For example, cars that are left undriven for long periods often experience battery issues. Volkswagen battery replacement service is typically necessary every three to five years after you install a new battery. We can also give you advice on maximizing the new installation’s life span.

Do Volkswagen vehicles need special batteries?

Visit our service center, and we’ll help you determine the correct VW battery size for your vehicle. We only carry genuine VW batteries at Jim Ellis Volkswagen of Chamblee. Other auto locations in Atlanta, GA, might utilize aftermarket parts, which aren’t made specifically for your vehicle, which can affect performance.

What does a VW battery service typically include?

Your total VW battery cost for replacement includes an expert inspection of the battery, terminals, and connecting battery cables. Our technicians will also test the battery’s voltage and connection to the rest of the car.

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