Financing Specials Programs

Whether you’re a longstanding and loyal Volkswagen driver or you’re just dipping your toes into the Volkswagen pool, Volkswagen saw it fit to honor you with several amazing VW finance programs to make getting a new vehicle easier. Just for being who you are and wanting to get into a new Volkswagen vehicle, you might qualify for one of half a dozen VW finance programs available to Volkswagen drivers. They are:

  • VW College Grad Program
  • VW First-Time Buyer Program
  • VW Loyalty Program
  • VW Military Program
  • VW International Business Professionals Program
  • VW Partner Program
  • Want to know what each one entails and if you might qualify? Keep reading to find out!

What is the VW College Grad Program?

This one is just what it sounds like. If you’re within two years of your graduation or will graduate within six months from an institute of higher learning, you may qualify for the benefits of the VW College Grad Program. Graduating is trying enough as it is. With all of the extra barriers thrown in your way due to COVID-19, graduating in the current day is more of an accomplishment than ever. Volkswagen wants to give back to those who spent these tough times bettering themselves through education by offering a $500 contract bonus to eligible grads. Some qualifications include proof of full-time employment or written verification from a committed future employer.

What is the VW First-Time Buyer Program?

It’s exactly what you think it is! Are you getting your very first car? How exciting! What an awesome decision you’ve made by choosing to go with one of our Volkswagen vehicles, which are historically long-lasting, dependable and affordable. Making big purchases like this for the first time can be daunting and sometimes nearly impossible. Volkswagen takes any stress out of the event by taking away possible trouble points that many first-time buyers run into. With the VW First-Time Buyer Program, you’re not required to have a credit history, and you don’t have to have a cosigner. You will need to provide two to three personal references and proof of income with one year of full-time employment. You can utilize this program for new, used and CPO Volkswagen vehicles.

What is the VW Loyalty Program?

We think you can guess what this one is about. Have you bought from us or any VW dealer before? This one is for you! We take more pride in our customer experience than almost any other aspect of our business. We know we wouldn’t be anywhere without you, so we’re making sure that you feel as appreciated as you actually are with the VW Loyalty Program. If you’ve bought from us before, you can return to our dealership to lease a new Volkswagen without having to pay a Turn-In Fee or security deposit. Those savings can make all the difference when leasing a new vehicle. So, it literally pays to be a Volkswagen driver!

What is the VW Military Program?

Here at Jim Ellis Volkswagen, and all Volkswagen locations across America as well as VW HQ, we respect the sacrifices that our military members have made. For your courageousness and selflessness, Volkswagen offers a $500 bonus not only to military members but also to first responders. This bonus can be used towards the purchase or lease of a new Volkswagen vehicle. You’ll need proof of service or employment documentation to receive your bonus. Veterans within two years of active duty, retirees with 20+ years of service, active service members, first responders and members of their respective households are all eligible. The VW Military Program is currently set to run until January 2, 2025.

What is the VW International Business Professionals Program?

Are you a professional from outside of the U.S. currently working in business inside the country? Do you need to finance or lease a VW vehicle until your work visa or contract expires? Volkswagen has your back. Volkswagen respects hard work, if you couldn’t tell already. To make sure you have all the tools you need to keep up that work, including transportation, Volkswagen will help you get a car for the duration of your stay in the U.S. contact us for more info on this program.

What is the VW Partner Program?

Business to business, Volkswagen understands what it means to be successful in the automotive sphere: hard work, passion and support from loyal drivers. Volkswagen is ready to honor the hard work that goes into this business. That’s why this program is here! Team Members of qualified dealerships can get VW lease deals below the dealer’s price on top of other already-existing programs and incentives. Not to mention, members of the Team Member’s household are also eligible for this discount.

Take Advantage of VW Finance Programs Now

Chances are, you, a loved one, a friend or even a neighbor qualifies for one of these VW finance programs. If you think you and yours deserve some of the greatest cars the automotive world has to offer, why not come take advantage of some of the greatest financial incentives offered by an OEM anywhere? If you’re unsure of your qualification status for one of these programs or want to learn more about them, give us a call. You might also like to know that we work with over two dozen lenders, so we’re ready and happy to work overtime to offer you incredible deals on top of our VW finance programs. You won’t find greater offers than what you’ll get here. We’d be happy to tell you if you qualify for one of these programs and what that means for your specific situation. Call or come see us today!