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Getting used cars for sale can sometimes be a big ole' question mark. However, getting used cars in Atlanta, GA with Jim Ellis Volkswagen is always a big ole' exclamation mark! We offer everything you could want from a used car dealer, including used luxury cars for sale. Our process is easy and, dare we say, even fun. Buying used from us makes all of our customers excited when they realize how effortless car buying can actually be.

We Have an Impressive Selection

Have you ever gone to buy used SUVs for sale and been a little underwhelmed at the variety (or lack thereof) at the dealer? We have good news! Our selection of used cars for sale is one of the most expansive in the Atlanta, GA area. If you're looking for something very specific, chances are we've seen it on our lot before. If we don't have exactly what it is you want right at the moment, let us know the precise specifications of what you're seeking, and we'll be on the lookout for you!

Giving You All the Tools You Need

Pre-owned cars for sale aren't of lesser quality than a certified car or even new cars, for that matter. Our used cars for sale in Atlanta, GA, wouldn't be available for you to drive if they weren't in top shape. If you're still not sold about that, ask us for a complimentary CARFAX report so that you can see the vehicle's full history and make an informed decision for yourself. You shouldn't have to trust anyone else with a big decision; use your own best judgment to decide what the right choice is for you. We give you all the tools to make sure you know exactly what you're getting.

Pros of Buying Used

You may be asking yourself why someone would want to buy used instead of brand new. There are many good reasons that someone might opt for used trucks for sale and other used body styles. Let's look through a few of them.

  1. Warranty. Depending on how old your used car is, it may have some of the original warranty still active on it, especially if that model was one that received an extended factory warranty.

  2. Insurance. Oftentimes, a used car will have lower insurance premiums. Gap insurance on a new vehicle will raise your premiums, but since a used car's value has already depreciated, you won't need that insurance with the used vehicle (and your premiums won't go up).

  3. Environment. When you get a used car, you'll be reducing the amount of carbon dioxide you contribute to the atmosphere. This is because a lot of the CO2 that a car emits in its life occurs during the manufacturing and shipment process. Getting a used car cuts out those steps entirely.

  4. Price. Last but definitely not least is the fact that you will pay less for a used car. It already has miles on it, and it isn't fresh from the factory, so its value has depreciated, resulting in a lower price tag for you.

Get Used Cars for Sale at Jim Ellis Volkswagen in Atlanta, GA

When you come to Jim Ellis Volkswagen in Atlanta, GA, we make sure to give you a zero-pressure environment with ambitious pricing and a multitude of financing options so that getting your used car isn't stressful for you now or in the future. There's a reason that we won the 2020 Consumer Satisfaction Award from DealerRater. It's because we proudly treat everyone who comes by our dealership with mutual respect and the utmost decency.

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