See Where the VW Golf Alltrack Beats the Subaru Outback

October 11th, 2017 by

Shopping around for a versatile wagon? While Subaru offers some great cars, we much prefer the Golf Alltrack over the Subaru Outback. Just look at the cars side by side and you’ll probably see what we mean!

We’re not the only people who prefer the Golf Alltrack. Car and Driver ranks the Golf Alltrack second only to the Golf Sportwagen in the station wagon segment. The Subaru Outback is just behind its Volkswagen rivals.



Volkswagen designs cars and SUVs with style in mind. We can’t say the same for Subaru, at least not when we look at the Outback as the example. Driving a versatile and practical vehicle doesn’t mean you have to give up your sense of style. The Golf Alltrack is a very cool car, with beautiful, clean lines. The Outback is a… car.



The Golf Alltrack weighs much less than the Outback, and its body is shorter. It offers much better response and feel in corners, and it’s much easier to maneuver in cities. It gives you a precise cornering feel, rather than a lolling roll.

You’ll appreciate the extra torque from the Alltrack’s engine, too. It’s faster from 0 to 60, faster to a quarter mile, and has a shorter braking distance. All good points, we believe.

Environmental Advantage


Despite Subaru’s green campaigning, the Golf Alltrack is actually a better choice than the Outback if you’re concerned about smog-producing pollutants. The Alltrack produces almost 16 pounds less of those pollutants per 15,000 miles than the Outback, so the Environmental Protection Agency gave the Alltrack a better rating.

Don’t Compromise on Your New Wagon


If you want something with great cargo capacity, all-wheel drive, impressive fuel economy, attractive style (shall we go on?), awesome safety features, excellent connectivity features, (almost done!), and premium comfort, (whew) you can’t go wrong with a new Golf Alltrack.

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